Tips for Coping with Chemotherapy

Stephanie Gilman shares her best advice on the little things that helped her get through chemotherapy in this video by Rethink Breast Cancer, part of the LiveLaughLearn series.


Dear Silvie: A Letter To My Chemo Wig

A letter to my chemo wig, Silvie, thanking her for the confidence, strength, courage and bravery that she helped me find during my cancer journey.


Short Hair Love: Tips for when your hair grows back

This LiveLaughLearn video shows you how to style your short hair. Makeup artist and breast cancer survivor Sheri Stroh shares her easy expert tips!


What To Pack In My Chemo bag?

A to-go bag is an essential when undergoing treatment. Not sure what to pack? Here are some ideas that survivors find helpful during treatment days.


The Buddy System: Cancer Hope Network

When undergoing a cancer diagnosis, no one should go it alone, that’s where the Cancer Hope Network comes in. You may have a support system but sometimes you need to talk to someone who has been through the same things you’re feeling. Whether you’re a patient and you need to talk to a survivor or even need a caregiver there are volunteers out there ready to be matched with you.


Survivor To Follow: My Cancer Chic

Anna was diagnosed with breast cancer at 27 years old and started writing about her experience after feeling a lack of resources for young women undergoing a cancer diagnosis.


Survivor To Follow: Paige Previvor (The Breasties)

Co-founder of The Breasties, Paige was diagnosed with the BRCA 1 gene and underwent a preventative mastectomy at 24 years old. Her blog is filled with raw, real advice for women.